Creating Academic and Spiritual Foundations for Tomorrow's Leaders

Pope John Paul II Catholic School provides students with enriching educational opportunities and additional learning outside of the scope of the classroom, while offering experiences in leadership, community outreach, working as part of a team, school spirit, compassion and responsibility, and identity within our school community.

 Our Mission Statement:

Pope John Paul II School is a diverse, faith-based community that thrives on helping, loving, and respecting others.  We encourage creativity and innovation to ignite individual potential and increase academic achievement.



Welcome to Pope John Paul II Catholic School


 Dear Parents and Students of Pope John Paul II School and Visitors to our website   WELCOME!!

2013-2014 continues to be a challenge since we passed the midpoint of the year and our goal now is to thaw out and pray that spring will eventually come.  As we plan and prepare a new budget, set tuition schedules for 2014-2015, and plan curriculum and textbook changes, we are excited and look forward to spring and all the activities yet to come.  Our Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 classes are learning so much and we filled the 20 slots for School Readiness.  These slots will again be available next fall.  We also plan to add an additional Pre-K 3 class next year.  Our Kindergarten students are engrossed in the Super Kids Reading program and are excelling in all areas.  Before you know it, we will be we preparing for summer vacation.  Thank you for sending your son/daughter to Pope John Paul II.   We welcome those of you who are planning on enrolling in our school and hope that our returning families continue to support a Catholic education.  We hope to see you all again at fieldtrips, concert and room activities.  Meanwhile, continue to check our web-site for updates and news of what is happening.

Please take the time to read a few testimonials that some parents, grandparents, and alumni/ae have been kind enough to share with us.

                                                                Bo Cuprak, Principal

We are happy to share with you the following testimonials about Pope John Paul II School:

"My time at Pope John Paul II School has sent me on a path to a promising future.  My teachers at PJPII prepared me for my high school career at Northwest Catholic, where I just earned first honors.  All of my teachers through the years, and especially Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Wysowski during my time in the middle school, helped with my education more than I could ever say.  More than just what we did in the academic classroom, they worked with me and helped me become who I am.  The teachers are there whenever you need them, and they care about you as a student and as a person.  From pre-K to eighth grade, everyone brings unique talents to help students achieve their maximum potential." 

Erin Tully, Graduate 2012

 "My daughter, Ariana, attended middle school at Pope John Paul II and received an excellent education with a deep sense of spiritual understanding.  Although Ariana excels academically the Pope John Paul II Middle School teachers challenged my daughter to reach higher levels of achievement.  They introduced her to programs for gifted children, submitted her writing for recognition resulting in her having a poem published, and ahe was admitted to the National Junior Honor Society.

Although we found Pope John Paul II's middle school academic programs suited our daughter, what stands out is the warm, family-like setting and the teachers' commitment and sincere concern for her advancement.  Ariana now attends Northwest Catholic High School and upon admission received a scholarship for achieving high scores on their entry exam.  She was thoroughly prepared for high school and is receiving First Honors.  I credit Pope John Paul II's middle school program for building a strong academic foundation for Ariana to succeed in both high school and college and helping her recognize her potential to reach all of her life goals." 

Nina Caruso

"Pope John Paul II provides highly academic education in a warm, friendly, parent-involved atmosphere."

Phyllis Hary
(Former Elementary Educator)
(Parent and Grandparent to Holy Cross and now Pope John Paul II students)


Because you asked us.... in Grades Pre-K 3 – 8, we have students from Berlin, Bristol, Kensington, New Britain, Newington, and Southington registered at our school, and these students represent 11 different faiths / churches.